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Chess 3d

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if you're a fan of chess, Chess 3D is the game for you.
This version of the famous strategy game is also very suitable for those who are not familiar with the rules, by clicking on each piece of the board you will be suggested the possible moves.
You can also let the AI ​​play on both sides of the board and then stop the game and start playing from where you left off.
The highlight? a detailed graphic that makes the game even more exciting.

the characteristics of Chess 3d:

1 beautiful graphics and realistic.
2.Suitable to all players, both experienced and beginners
3 adjustable artificial intelligence
4 if you mess up your move you can always go back


One of the better chess game I have seen here. Very difficult to play, especially since the board is set up wrong. The white square is always in the right corner. If the board was rotated 90 degrees and the queen was on her color, then the board setup would be right.

A fair try.

Basic rule of Chess Setup : Queen on her own color, also its slightly jarring to have the comp instantly make its move after mine, a slight pause would be nice.

Besides agreeing with ChroMecha's criticism, I'd also like to add something fundamental he missed. The square in the inferior left corner is always black. Never white. I'm not positive on this, but I think that's a rule from FIDE. Anyway, the dificulty's good, at least. I put it way high up and it beat me easily

I'm not giving you as much as this game may be worth, but I have a few comments regarding the game itself. Due to lack of originality, this game isn't worth anything more than a 3 in my eyes. The main reasons to the missing 2 stars are : lack of background music, and the white chess pieces. A lack of background music makes a game bland, and boring - nobody likes bland and boring. And the white chess pieces on the white tiling makes it impossible to distinguish which piece is which without clicking on it to find out where it may move. Nevertheless, I did like the fact you could make the computers play a game on automatic, and that you could disable it whenever - it seems like an efficient way of scenario practice.

Good work overall, pitanello.

Almost 3d chess.

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2.58 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2014
10:20 AM EDT
Strategy - Other