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Drooz Drug Dance

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dance like nobody's watching

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Две хрустальные совы этому столику.

Incredibly random and totally awesome! :D The effects, the moves, the intense music... and the contrast between character and performance... this is going to stay in mind for some time! Nice work!


I really loved the song and animation, they really fit together. Make more videos that are like this. It really made me laugh my ass off.

excellent movie!
it seems that this old man took some drug and now...HE IS DANCING HIS HEART OUT!
i loved all of it! from the manly ''crotch thrust'' dance-move, to the epic middle finger shining move, to the tutu-dress elegant dance (lol, his face expression there and hairy legs made me laugh so much!)
also the audiences expressions were priceless as well. they were like ''WTF??!!''

amazing movie, and incredibly funny. i suggest that you do more movies with THIS specific character, they would be hillarious, and it could be even transformed into a new series, or something.

also it had some russian words, too bad that i couldnt understand them.
funny movie tho, and artistically done, with epic face expressions, and crazy humour.
do more.

bayerbeat responds:

thanks for nice and big review

i'm too tired for write in english so спасибо, товарищ, я люблю, когда пишут такие развернутые комментарии, но к сожалению, это происходит не так часто, как хотелось бы, поэтому ещё раз спасибо ;)

Pretty good animation, art, and comedy. Keep it up! :)