The Iphone 6 Bends?

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So, here is it guys, 2 years in the making! Not really but yea.

Edit: Front page?! Beyond grateful, thanks everybody!


People. "Let's do the advertising department's job FOR them by fighting with our friends about the superiority of OUR device!" It's like the console war, but for adults. Well, I guess the console war is for adults too now. Man, we suck. I can't even talk trash, I'm the ultimate hipster with my "ruggedized" flip phone. Folks will find any reason to argue.

But yeah, this is pretty much exactly how the argument goes. Great work, smooth pacing, very charming.

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i do this regularly to my phone and it has laste over 5 years.

Apple's never been the same without Steve Jobs.

Yeah, I got the point of the video.. Apparently though some of the Iphone users phones were being bend from the weight of them sitting on them. But yeah the problem is probably over exaggerated.

To Nilegames below me.. I don't think that non hardcore Apple fans hate apple of even the fanboys so much... I think we just get sick of apple fanboys trying to convert us to the idea that Apple is the best at everything and we should buy everything apple no matter what the cost or what features we might miss out on by going apple instead of an alternative..

This just proves that people forcefully bend the iphone 6 and saying that it bends easily. Everybody hates Apple for some reason.

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Oct 19, 2014
9:20 AM EDT
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