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Stone King 3

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Many years have past since the great Stonite War. Develop your combat skills by fighting enemies and leveling up. Enhance your basic skills to learn to make new armors and ensure you've got plenty of food for battles! Enchant your weapons and make orbs to increase your combat stats! The Kingdom of Darkness awaits...

Mouse: Interact, battle, talk
W, A, S, D: Move
0 - 9: Hotkeys for spells and abilities

Stone King 3 (Art, Original Music, Programming)
by Ryan Isler
Beta Testing
Dan Isler
Sam Isler
Chris Isler

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This game does not feel complete. Include more music and content.

this game is really good but i cant seem to find a save.

fantastic game, although the ending was a bit abrupt and the dark lord too easy. I was level 20, and the boss died before I even finished casting all my powerup spells to make me stronger for the battle with him. The game is a bit short, but you have a strong base to make a longer, better game in the future.

The main improvements I would suggest are things that would make leveling up all the skills less of a hassle and more rewarding.

In particular I'd suggest the following two improvements:
-Stacks for non-equipable items (fish, ore, etc should all be in stacks like arrows are. maybe the max stack should be 99 maybe it should be 10, but it should definitely be more than 1).

-The ability to enchant without unequiping armor, and the ability to enchant multiple items in a row with the same enchantment without starting the enchanting process all the way over.

It also might be nice to get a level requirement reduction when you craft an item yourself. Gold is so easy to come by that there's really no point in smithing, when you can just buy everything you want for way less effort and half of what you make you can't equip anyways because you're too low level. It could also be cool to allow you to smith special items with bonuses available only through smithing.

Good game, except for a few annoyances:

~ Where do I save the game? I see save slots, but no indication that there is a way to save it. That could mean a lot of progress lost, if the game or my browser crashes. I did manage to beat the castle boss within several hours, without a crash.
~ All ingots appear to say 'This item is used for crafting bronze items' when it is a different type of ingot.
~ Obsidian ore is bugged. It can't be refined, and when I try to interact with it, it creates a graphic glitch where all the items in my inventory (and empty slots) graphically appear to be swords. Tediously selling everything in every inventory slot and reopening the window seems to fix it.
~ Adamantite shield has a level requirement of 320. Yes, that is correct, three hundred and twenty. I need approximately 300 more levels to be able to use an item that should have a level requirement of Twenty.
~ This is more of an inconvenience. but when selling items, the sell button is sometimes on top, sometimes on the bottom, when it is an equippable item the 'equip' button is on top. So when I attempt to sell a number of items, I tend to mistakenly click the wrong button, because it is not where I anticipated that it should be for that transaction.
~ I see no way to bind a fish or a potion to a hot key. If they are to be used in combat, this is a major problem.
~ I absentmindedly made it through the entire game without using any special abilities, except for the ones I started the game with. There should be something more to draw your attention to the ability window to spend the AP as you receive them.

how do i save the game! where the hell is Odem!!!