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You are in a basement, with a flashlight, and a corpse. WARNING: This is a horror game, if you are afraid, but still want to play it, do not forget to film you play the game and put it up on YouTube soon :3 and please credit and support me by putting this site in the description, thanks! http://jonnil.weebly.com

Note: This game was done in early 2014 by only me and my brother and his girlfriend did some of the sound effects heard in this game. I didn't have Game Maker: Master Collection then so I wanted to upload this game here to see if the HTML 5 module works, if this isn't a good game enough I just want to say that the future games I will make is going to be much better. You can download the game here http://jonnil.weebly.com/spook.http If the game is lagging for you.

Update: I noticed that the decorations wouldn't show up as I wanted it to so I fixed it, so you can see the details I putted down in the game for hand. I also tried to fix the problem of that the character got stuck in the walls but I couldn't fix it, this problem I should see way before I was working with the game but I did some changes to the wall collision, but they are minor changes. You can see this update as some sort of "Over 1000-views update" because thank you all for the views this game got!

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its scared my ass straight into the next millennium (okay I wasn't that afraid)

Jonnill responds:

Lol, thanks for the positive review!

kept getting stuck , its needs a little light or shadows, would make it so much more creepier . Its got a good stuck but the goal of the game escapes me . why don't you tweak this a bit , make it more interactive , and then ill come play it again .

Jonnill responds:

I maybe can upgrade the game some more times, but I have plans on making some sort of sequel to this game, but more like a retelling of the game. But I will make some other games between before I make a sequel to a game.

This is a good game and yet scary I love it :D

Jonnill responds:

Thanks for the positive review, I'm glad you love it :D