Voyager Takedown

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This is a small 9-level side-scrolling space shooter game. You play as a small cyborg trying to destroy/get out of a spaceship (hence the inspiration for the title "Voyager Takedown").

P. S. If for any reason you can't hear the sountrack, reloading the game will fix the problem.


I have watched this game being from its inception, every artistic choice, every technical tweaking, every step necessary to realize this vision.

What came out was a solid game with a creative soundtrack, an adorable mascot and a challenging level design.


Good ideas in this game. Just a few suggestions: zoom the camera out a slight bit, I would prefer to not bounce off of the walls, lessen the zero gravity effect of the ship, and disable enemies from firing off screen. Maybe even add some upgrades like ricochet shots, fully automatic shots, shield, bombs. Different level types would be interesting, like side scrollers, races, bosses. Good game miketinovic.

miketinovic responds:

Thanks! I've been working on this game for quite some time now, so I won't be adding any additions such as upgrades which you mentioned. But thanks anyway.

Cool game, just a lil'bit hard to control the ship...

miketinovic responds:

You'll get used to it.

could be better and easier to control

It's an okay game. After the second level it just feels like same game, different shapped level. Also I implore you to get a sound track that doesn't rely so much on the keyboard1

miketinovic responds:

Not sure what you meant by 'keyboard', you probably meant 'preload'. In that case, I agree. The problem is that, the SoundJS library doesn't support midis so I had to convert them to MP3. If you have a suggestion for a better audio format, I could update the soundtrack then.

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2.65 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2014
7:30 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed