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Claudia is a novice weather mage who can only control clouds. It’s time for her to prove herself by passing the final exam. Get through 6 colourful worlds, avoid obstacles and enemies, buy upgrades and get medals.

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great game and style, but probably a bit grindy.

I think the best way to get money is to upgrade the start boost and diamonds and just die after your boost repeatedly.

Neat concept and style. I liked the English/Irish/Scottish vibe and style of the game but I felt it was a bit too easy and I would like to see more powerups that diversify the game. The obstacles were cool but very easy to avoid save the spike blocks and wheels.

Great work but way too easy.. no challenge most of the time.

Nice game :) I like the economic system

If this is what Flappy Bird original was i wouldn't have despised it so.

What i see here is time and thought placed into an other wise (at this point for me HATED game mechanic)
Taking the slowly getting stronger mind set of the toss the turtle game play it evolves from just a simple click to bounce helicopter clone, into something of its own.

The graphics are appealing, and not to over saturated in color, nice balance, and retained a charm that shows care was placed into this.

Music is nice and has a bubbly feel of magic and wonderment to it.

And from what i see i WANT to keep playing over and over.

Congrats you have taken a game and its mechanic that i had grown to deplore, and made it your own.
And I am enjoying every second of it.

apanda responds:

Wow, nice review! Thank you :D