Mandanga work in progress

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An indie game work in progress
shift z x arrow keys


Include more content, better graphics, and polish. That would really improve your game.

$ stars...... I bet you are wanting to know why hum... Well I see this game being good. All that I have to say is try to make stuff more useful. If you want I could write you a story for this game. Message my back if so.

Thanks for the game, Mandyland5

Aaahhhh...... how do I say?
Well, I could just jump over the castle and reach the other side of it, walk in the red thing under the floor(think that is lava) with my head buried in the sand(think that is sand), kind of quintupled the attack speed by holding z+left arrow+x then walking, and something that bugs me is that the floor of the castle rise a little when hit by your head.
And keep the work in progress, I would like to see it finished hehe

It's barely a game. It needs something to do.

I think the jump is kinda floaty.

I don't understand why you would upload a bit of unfinished work.
as for how it played the map was glitchy in part due to the scale of the character vs the map it's self, and the controls are awkward, If i understand correctly z to jump x to attack and arrows to move though I think that making the up arrow the jump or the space bar would be a better choice. in spite of the awkward controls and glitchy map and scale issues the game play was smooth. I think increasing the attack speed a bit would also help as I can already tell the slow spinning sword is gonna be annoying.

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BandyBadger responds:

I upload the games so my friends on fb can link to them the attacks could be faster, yes I agree, the also are if you hold up and right while flipping he spins twice as fast and if you hold the attack button the whole time his attack speed doubles, I used a jump button because this is like a hyper active nintendo game, I understand your concerns for his attack speed I will raise is slow attack speed to a comfortabler level and keep his hyper attack the same, the up button is used for attacking upward :/ but I will put in an option for the up jump on web version but with touch screen controls having the jump button so close to the move button would cause accidental jumps, yhat was a good critique thull the attack speed should be exagerratetly fast to compensate for the delay betwween pressing the button for maximum feeling of control

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1.87 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2014
2:50 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG