Boxer Man Episode 1

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If I tell everyone we're done six episodes, I guess it won't make a difference. These will get voted off. But maybe somewhere in there will be someone with a sense of humour who will apprecite it. And to all of those portal goers itching to write reviews, let me spare you the effort

Review 1:
"STFU n00b, WTF is this I WTF all UR flash B-cuz UR Flash is az n00b as U R"

Review 2:
"Dude, this should have been longer. Good effort though. i vote 1"

Review 3:
"When will the unwashed masses understand that flash that makes no sense isn't cool!? Why must I be cursed with being intillectually above the rest of you??"

Review 4:
"But I liked the opening music (voted 0)"

So just identify yourseld on this handy dandy little chart, and we'll all get along fine.


where was dustin hoffman

Where was Dustin Hoffman???that was actually ok, i cant beleive i am sayin that because this has the makings of a terrible flash, although the whole series is surprisingly not bad lol. I dont know what it is


that....was....uh.... let...s.....s...ee... um interesting, yah.

dood whare is ur brain

1 its short
2 humor sux
3 graphix sux
4 boxer man8 was worse than this shit

A series that is hysterical in that manaical way

STFU n00b, WTF is this I WTF all UR flash B-cuz UR Flash is az n00b as U R

it was short...

but it was funny. im gonna watch the rest now...

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3.22 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2002
8:26 AM EDT
Comedy - Original