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Lets bring Fight Night on the web! create your dream boxer, and increase his skills by training, beat the best boxers and earn championship belt to be the G.O.A.T



1: I like the create a boxer feature, but also add a stat that shows boxer's level too and lets you spend more points to no limit, with unlimited leveling perhaps.

2: Decrease the time for training to 45 or 30 seconds instead of 60, as 60 is a bit too long and bit too extended for trainings.

3: Have Level up's give you a Skill tree for 3 different fighting types/Styles:

1: Brute/Juggernaut where he gets passive power and toughness boosts along with some crit chances(Up to 10% Crit chance bonus)

2: Speed/Avoidance where you get boosted Speed and Chin boosts, with slight chance to dodge attacks(Up to 5 skills on the set to get up to a 20% auto dodge chance max)

3: Stamina/Endurence where you get more Lasting battles and recover better. Gives passive boosts to health and stamina(Up to 25% Increase with the skill stats).

Each of those Skill classes have a special move/key each can use with Jugger using a Swing move that can hit up to 2.5x Normal damage with double crit chance at 20%. But has a 50-50 hit chance and takes tons of stamina to use.

For the Speed/Avoidance they have a Stealth Skill to boost dodge rate from a passive 20% chance to 50% chance for 5 seconds, and speed and damage increase, speed by 50%, damage by 10%.

For Stamina/Endurance they have a tanker skill where they get massive health Regeneration at the cost of a FULL Stamina bar, they are almost helpless though at dodging with a 0% dodge chance, but regain health at 2% every second, being hit 3 or more times or by a juggers power hit cancels the move. The more Stamina you put into the move, the longer it lasts and the more it heals to max out at 5% heal per second for up to 10 seconds. But at a cost of slowing down Stamina Regain to half speed for 10 seconds to prevent block pures and healing pures. Jugger's Power shot can shoot past their block if they have low stamina, if not it zaps their stamina bar to half way down instantly and does a 5 second stun on them.

Bug's: The training key's when hit sometimes miss half the time, though I was hitting them on time, some it would hit 2 at once, then miss the next completely.

Also maybe add an Online mode where people compete in 2 different types of tournament's and 2 different types of rankings:

1 tournament gives money rewards to buy better gear, other is an exp tournament to level real fast and give extra stats when won. The Ranking types people type in someones ranking to fight them for special Honor Metals which can be redeemed at the Premium Shop(When you add it) on here to get speciality gear that NOTHING IS STRONGER THAN giving huge stat boosts and passive ability boosts and such. It's almost like armor and weapons in a way, but not quite. They take a minimal level to use any of them(Weakest at level 25+ only, strongest upwards to like level 1000+ so people work for it), and takes TONS of metals to get.

The metals they get depends on enemies Rating AND level compared to yours AND if you win or lose. If you win you at least get 1 metal, no matter how weak the person is(Unless they aren't at least 20% of your power) but the stronger they are to you, the more metals you get if you win. If the person is online, then it doubles the reward if you win or lose instead of offline bots taking control and fighting for them.

Also forgot to mention: The Juggernaut class would have slight boosted health and some damage resistance they can get in the Skill tree to resist up to 25% Damage. People can get Multiple Skill-Trees(Up to all 3) AND can customize which keys they use to use their skill-tree skills. They can have all 3 of them at a time, but if they DO have all 3, there is one final one that is decisive above all others and it's a minimal 100 level requirement to get.

It'll have this Description: "Name: Fatal Blow

Description: Deal a devastating blow to your opponent, dealing 5 times normal damage to the opponent, becoming unblockable and undodgeable. No Critical chance, but if enemy has health at half or below, does 10 times normal punching damage instead, always uses full Stamina, and increases your health regeneration for 30 seconds by 2.5x normal speed, increases damage resistance by a further 25% for 15 seconds, and hit speed by 20%. Comes at the cost of a Reduces Stamina bar while fighting to half normal amount, and regeneration is at 20% speed as a cost, players dodging rate becomes 0%, and you cannot block for 10 seconds. One time use per battle."

I hope that helps ya out. But add all this, people will love that massive competitive element.

Overall like. Things to be changed: training session time to 45 seconds instead of 60(gets boring), receiving damage evne if you are blocking.

Ive never seen this kind of boxing game in the web, thank you! cheers :D

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Oct 14, 2014
6:42 AM EDT
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