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Q 50 Points

Purify 4 Embers!

U 50 Points

Purify 8 embers!

A 100 Points

Purify 12 embers!

Beat The Game 100 Points

Subdue the Chasm Rift and restore balance to the world!

D 100 Points

Purify all 16 embers!

Second Quest 100 Points

Complete one loop of the map!

Author Comments

QUAD:: The latest and most difficult game made by Terrible Design just for the Power of Four event!

WASD - move
E - use warps
Q - walk/run
P - pause the game
M - mute the music
R - reset to checkpoint
Please, try resetting first then tacking the puzzle again.

Please support the wonderful musical artists featured throughout the game play!
Macross 82-99:



Are you stuck or otherwise confused? Why not view this fantastic 8 part video walk though of QUAD::?


Gameplay is a little bit laggy, but it could be a problem of Chrome. The design is pretty simple, but it's not bad.

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TerribleDesign responds:

Wait a second, did senpai notice me? I think senpai noticed me. Am I even using that word correctly?

As for the lag, that is due to me placing over 500 intractable objects per screen. They are all running at the same time, so there are over 2000 objects that need to be processed every 60th of a second. An i5 processor is pretty much needed to play the game without lag. I have moved my development to an i3 laptop so that I am more aware of lag on slower processors.

I would be more than happy to send you a .exe of the game to run stand-alone if you want. That may run a bit better.

Just keep dropping those sick, funky beats. If you ever need a synth line, feel free to hit me up.

It's laggy so I can't get passed the first level! Don't know if it's my computer or what but it look's fun soooooooo.......FIVE STARS ok no buuuut....2.5....yeah...sure....why...not....

TerribleDesign responds:

If you have an i5, you should be able to play it. Make sure that there aren't any other games running in another tab.
I have addressed the lag issue in my latest game, Strawberry Fine.

Absolutely not jbvious, every level you need to teach how it is all work. And music is just awesome. 5 stars, need sequel!

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TerribleDesign responds:

I'm not sure if it was genius. If it were, I think the game would be more obvious.
A sequel? I am not sure about that. However, I am again taking the feedback I get from players and will incorporate it in future games.
If you like the music, please support the musical artists via the links in the description.

Hey this was fun and an original puzzle! GJ! :D
...but took me time to understand. Still need to get 3 embers! ><''
At 1st nothing was very clear... really not clear: On my 1st try, several time I had reached the exit but didn't realize it! xD

I think more information to start out with would help.. such as:

GOAL: Get through the maze of puzzles and reach the end. eg: In the 1st puzzle try exit through the light blue 'room' on the very right.
Purifying the embers will grant you more medals but you'll need to go around more then once.

- The white square is you. (a button that highlights it and help us find it would be nice)
- Grey 'L' shapes are checkpoints. Activated they become green.
- Squares with dark outlines are portals leading to any of the same color... you just have to try. btw, some portals are 'jokes', and can lead you to no-way-out rooms. (Why not use circles for better distinction?)
- Squares with light outlines are switches that can be activated pushing a block on them. Most of the switches are there to reach the embers. Watchout: Switches can can change 1 tiny detail just as they can totally change the walls and everything. (Something to highlight what the switch changed would be nice.)
- Blocks with an uppercase 'I' shape on it can be moved vertically or horizontally. Those with a '+' sign can be moved in both directions.
- Trapezoid shapes are one way passages, you can only pass if coming from the wide side. Their direction can sometimes be changed using switches.
- Red walls/blocks kill: touching them will send you back to your last checkpoint, the green 'L' shape.
- Black diamond shapes are embers to purify.
- 'R' key or dying sends you back you your last checkpoint resetting the switches to 0 - Sometimes it's part of the puzzle to use them.
- Pressing 'Q' once changes the speed...just saying cos I thought I had to keep Q pressed.
and it's not useless: You'll need this on the last puzzle if you want to get all the embers.

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TerribleDesign responds:

I'm glad that the puzzles were fun and challenging for you once you figured out how to play. I'm also glad that you enjoyed the originality.

I'm glad you gave me some detailed feed back on what to make more clear in the future. I will try to make the first stages more obvious and easy to figure out what does what in the future.

Also, if you need help with a few of the embers, feel free to ask. :)

As far as warps leading to "no-way-out" rooms, which ones are you talking about? There is only one warp on the third screen that warps you from the warp maze to the other side of the map. You can get back to the start of the maze by resetting. That is the only real "joke" warp.
There is a chain of warps on each screen that will let you get back to an earlier part of the map faster. If you don't like where they take you, just reset. Everything in the game should be undoable.

You made a puzzle game. Why, thanks! Once accustomed to the controls (why can't I use arrow keys?) it's quite alright.
I get to play this at the speed of a snail, though. It isn't lag, everything is smooth. But as of yet, the q-key doesn't make any sense to me.
It seems you've put some more instructions there after some of the reviews, which is a good thing - lol at the "YOU ARE HERE!".
It would be worth 3 to 4 stars, if there was a save game option. There is none, which is pretty bad.
Levels is a pretty common thing, now. I pretty much expected them, but when I closed the game and restarted, it was a huge let-down.
Thanks anyways and good luck for the competition.

TerribleDesign responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzles.
As far as speed goes, if there where no walls, you could traverse the entire map left to right in 16 seconds and up to down in 10 seconds. That really isn't that slow, and any faster would cause a loss of resolution for the movement that would make moving the boxes in some puzzles damn near impossible. Also, there are a few points when one would want more precision for moving boxes. That is why there is a walk button.

Now with the save issue, I just tried implementing it and it worked fine offline. When I uploaded a preview of the new game here, the saving did not work. :(

This is a game that can be beaten in around 10 minutes, I am not sure a save feature really makes sense anyway. Not to mention, there is a major secret after you complete the first loop of the map. It makes getting from place to place much faster.

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Credits & Info

3.97 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2014
5:50 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other