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Alien Hunter

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Big Bucks! 5 Points

Earn $1,000,000

First Capture! 5 Points

Capture your first alien

Upgrader! 5 Points

Make your first upgrade

Rare Discovery! 10 Points

Capture a rare alien

Bad Boy Laser! 25 Points

Purchase this laser gun

Mega Bucks! 25 Points

Earn 15,000,000

Full Upgrade! 50 Points

Fully upgraded rocket

Legendary!!! 100 Points

Capture the legendary alien

Author Comments

## Thanks for frontpage! ##
Once launched into space you can collect coins, shoot asteroids and search for rare alien eggs!

Your discoveries can be sold to the laboratory. With your upgraded rocket you can travel faster and further; capturing the rarer more valuable aliens.

There is an 'Alienopedia' showing what creatures can be caught, their value & how rare they are.

Capture the legendary, rarest alien to complete the game.

You can dispose a captured alien by clicking on one of the occupied balls.

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Love the game! Didn't get the Bad Boy Laser medal though for some reason :(

Ok, the game is well-made when it comes to the graphics, gameplay etc., but...
I got a crucial issue: a meaning of the game is that you can win it if your skills are good enough, but since - I think - the Aliens are being placed by the game in a completely random way...
The question is: can you be sure that you will win this game after a certain amount of tries or if you don't have luck, you can play it for entire eternity not being able to find the last Alien.
I don't know how many times I returned to this game and still nothing. When oh when the game will decide that I finally deserve to win it?
Answering to one of reviews below you wrote: "If the aliens were too common the excitement of finding a rarer one would be significantly less". Well, when I would finally find the final one, it would not be excitement, it would be nerve exhaustion caused by frustration, something like that and a bit of relief: "It's finally over". I mean it is a bit ridiculous that I am finding an orange legendary one almost every single time now, but cannot find the final Alien. And the game itself isn't doing much to keep you entertained during these more and more repetitive flights.
Oh, one more thing: the Miles and Miles medal is obviously broken.

Cartoon-Electra responds:

Hey, I am sorry that the game has frustrated you so much! You can blame my programmer for making it so rare haha..Once you pass i think it's 32,000m there is something like a 0.1% chance of seeing the rarest alien every small bit of distance you move(impossible before then). with a fully upgraded rocket, making sure you travel far out as possible, and throwing away other aliens, It would be bad luck to not catch the rarest alien within 15 launches. I have caught it 3/4 times and had to do it to test the game ending so i know your frustration you're probably just having bad luck. The second rarest alien i think is only 2-3 times as common as the rarest.

Overall this was a pretty fun game, though I didn't have the patience to fully upgrade the rocket in one sitting... and now that I return it seems the save is gone. :/ As the main menu mentioned auto-saves I was expecting it to save, oh well.... thought I'd mention a few quirk I noticed while playing:

- Once an item disappears from view, you can't turn back to get it. It feels like this breaks the illusion of space really being wide, or you traveling through it, and not items simply getting randomly generated right outside your field of view.

- After clicking capsule to get rid of unwanted alien, you have to click on the background again to maneuver the rocket.

- Emptying a capsule right before you catch the third one (after you've shot the egg) won't stop you from going back to the station, though you can still gather money during this brief period of time.

- After opening the aliencyclopedia, you can't throw away the first captured alien if you have one.

As for suggestions, it would've been cool having a reward for amount of coins collected, asteroids broken, etcetc. You could also have alien slots upgraded along with the ship, so you have room for more the further you get (and the larger the probability of catching more of them gets). Also, would've been neat if the laser upgrades actually had a function, like increasing the probability to catch a rare alien. I was kinda hoping there would be something like that even if it's not mentioned, maybe rare occurrences becoming more common as you upgrade the ship... but it doesn't seem li8ke it. Breaking that first 15m bump in upgrades took a looong time to reach, and I imagine the next bump would take even longer. The idea's great, but it really consumes time without offering reward enough to keep you glued. Keep it going!


man this gaame is awseome,But.... it loads slow next time make it fast from loading so i rate you 4.5 stars just keep it up man.

Decent time killer I'll give it that. Other than the only 3 captures others are talking about I cant complain much, easy fix would be to let us drop old alien cargo into space otherwise there's no point in firing at eggs under 40k miles towards end game..
to the guy with a full rocket, I have gotten to 53k and I was missing the final control piece and the... engine? Whichever doesn't give you fuel. Maybe you were hittin rocks? that takes fuel away.