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Sweet Relief

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Sweet Relief is my fourth and final entry fro Albinoblacksheep's Annual Tournament of Flash Artists (TOFA) YES, THIS ENTRY DID WIN! The theme for this round was "The Void" and the challenge was to have the character say only 1 word.





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Awesome Work ThePivotsXXD :D

Good animation.

I recommend.

I actually thought this was REALLY fricken funny. I don't remember if I had an issue with the toilet as a child but I know that it isn't uncommon. And I think its a great thing to make a flash out of.

So the word was: phew? Thought for sure some of those other sounds he made would classify as words too, but anyway, this was masterfully made! Such a simple topic and... no twist at the end! It's just a little dude taking a piss! :O Making an entertaining flash out of that is quite a feat! Congrats on the win too!


The animation is nice and fluid, the audio quality is phenomenal, sounds really crisp, the only aspect this animation falls short in is the story, like RobsNCoppers said it's not really clear why he fears the toilet so much. The backgrounds are a little empty, but it could be intentional. All in all I enjoyed it so keep up the good work. :]