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Cosmic Geometry

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Author Comments

This is a small utility I made for myself to explore Cosmic Geometry. There are 12 points and they are connected by aspect (Sextile, Square, Trine and Opposition). Move these points to make patterns.

Esc - Reset
Space - Import/Export Menu
0 - unlink all points
2 - link every 2 point (Hexagon)
3 - link every 3 points (Square)
4 - link every 4 points (Triangle)
6 - link opposite points (Line)

Enjoy your exploration!

Added in an import/export feature with the Spacebar!

Try the following codes:
Relationship of Trines: T2MaPrKNLwO7OCRQQPOEMfKKJMMaMXOnQSL2OBHkLzKvPjOq

Relationship of Squares:

Greater and Lesser Hexagons:

Star of David Complex:

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Nice, it's a good experiment

I LIKE it!
Yeah, messin about with it for ages. Trying to make a hyper cube, lol.

Want one for my phone :)

ThePeasant responds:

I don't think it's possible with this one lol... but good luck!

Lots of fun, neat idea and I spent about ten minutes just messing around with it. good job!

ThePeasant responds:

Wow, thanks! When I made it I spent hours and hours on it lol...

Brain farted like nine times lol.

This is pretty cool, there a lot of people who make mandalas who would love to use this. I have a problem moving some lines outside the screen, I cant move them back unlees I reset everything back.Really nice!

ThePeasant responds:

thanks man! If you know of anyone, pass it along!