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Why Am I Dead: Rebirth

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Why Am I Dead: Rebirth is a mystery/adventure game where you are trying to solve a murder. Specifically, your murder. You play as a ghost that can jump into peoples' bodies and use them to investigate your death.

The controls have two schemes for righties and lefties, and the keys are rebindable through the options menu. I plan to include medals soon.

Narrator: He did not include medals.


This is actually a remake of a game I released two years ago, called Why Am I Dead.

What's different between this game and the original? Almost everything. The graphics have been redone from the ground up, with brand new sprites for every character and object. There has been a lot of dialogue added to the game, with old writing often being reworked or scrapped for something new entirely. Technically, there is even an additional character you can possess! Characters also have an AI and are able to move around on their own. Lastly and most significantly, there is more content in this version, by which I mean there are more endings to this game than the last one.

There's also a sequel to this game available on Steam, with a new cast, story, lots of new features and complete soundtrack! Check it out!

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still waiting on those medals

PeltastDesign responds:

ummmmmm oops

ironic title

The original game was pretty amazing, and I like the depth added to the story, but I don't think it has enough replay value for me to try for two new endings. Even with the changes made, I had absolutely no motivation to play the same game I've already beaten twice two more times just for some new dialogue and such.

If this was the only version, I would have given this game five stars without a second thought, but because this is a remake of the same game, having the same characters, environment and basically having the same premise and without any badges to commemorate the enjoyment of achieving irrelevant goals/ secrets that are unrelated to the story or being motivated by the EXTRA special badges that make you want to figuring out the other endings of the game, I rate this game two stars for the decency of the games natural enjoyability and the game's mostly unimportant improvements.

Fun game! the true ending has a crazy twist. Well written characters and you get to discover more and more


I wanted to discover more about Ted and bust him out.

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4.24 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2014
5:40 PM EDT