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The Staff of Exile

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The Staff of Exile is a side-scrolling platformer flash demo.

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Your camera scrolling is waaaaaaaaay too annoying. I got killed by the first zombie.

Horrible graphics, strange, glitchy gameplay, annoying restarts from the beginning if you die, no story, dying from one hit, need so much work…

3 stars for encouragement for further development :-) Two things:
1. The mechanics of jumping: jumping is a bit too fast, this makes it more difficult to reach the subseqent platforms; also sometimes it seems like you are jumping through the platforms;
2. Even more important: the screen should not scroll at the time when you reach the border of the screen but much earlier, because currently you simply can get killed because you see the next enemy... when you step into him. Also sometimes you can't see where are you going to jump next.

Well, this is a good way NOT to do a side-scroller. The point of scrolling is to be able to see an adequate distance in front of you. Here, you can't see enemies or walls even if they're right in front of you - it only scrolls if you're at the edge of the screen. Look at basically any other side scroller for an example of how to do this right. The player should almost always be within, say, the middle third of the screen. Jumping could probably benefit from a bit more floatiness too.

Pretty standard. The graphics need a bit more polish (they look like stand-ins before you put in the time to make good graphics) and the jumping control needs some work. It was hard for me to jump to the higher stone in the first scene, since the jump doesn't go very far horizontally. Even though it is okay as it is, this could be a lot better, and I'm hoping in the future you put the time it needs to evolve it in to a more rounded game. Good luck, and good job on making this!