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Yoshi's NEW, New Island

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Just another typical day for Yoshi. Or so he thought.

After Yoshi slipped on the soap and hurt his leg, Waluigi rushed to get him help and actually got some time off his sentence for doing so. What a swell guy, eh?

Fun Fact: This entire cartoon exists because I was dicking around with a harmonica.


Ambler - By Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com/





And one made by me :3

Making backgrounds is a nightmare I'll never wake up from.

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This had me in stitches

lmao, it's a new world! The voicing's great in this, seems like it's custom too, and the animation just as flawless, smooth and easy to follow. Nice work!


Wait was that you voicing Yoshi? Holy hell it's not often I get to see good yoshi impressions. Also that is some talented Harmonica playing there Nicely done!

Also waluigis dick ftw

Why was this rated so bad? The animation was great!

Sweet flash!