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Alternative girl, Kat, is featured with a wide range of bold & stylish fashions to choose from. Eery animated backgrounds & custom music compliment her mood, and set the vibe to rock her various hairstyles, cute outfits, boots, high heels, tattoos, piercings and makeup.

Currently available on PC only, with mobile version in development.

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alter kat

A lot of people are commenting on the age rating so i won't say what's already been said, my main critique is based on the use of the gradient textures, they don't work mainly due to the fact that on things such as the clothing there are wierd shadows and light sources that are given off from the use of gradients that ruins the aesthetic of the outfits, in a way they make the game look old due to the way it brings back memorys of when i was a bit younger and you would see this type of gradient colouring used alot in early flash games and animations.

Personally i would stop using gradients in this manner. One thing that i can see that you did well at is that it plays well as a dress up game which is why i give you 2.5 stars, personally i don't like the physical aesthetic of the drawing style. Music kind of gave me a headache aswell, when i started up the game it seemed super loud through my speakers it scared me.

I kinda have to agree with most of the comments about the maturity of this game. I think the rating for it should at least me bumped up to a T instead of an E. Thats the only downside i can see but otherwise great looking game, love the attention to detail you put into everything. I'm not a huge fan of dress-up games but as a reviewer of multiple game sites i have to look at everything i can play. If the rating was a T you would get 3 stars.

jenninexus responds:

Fair enough.. thank ya for stopping by and glad that you liked the look & detail - ps I changed the rating to "some adult themes" :-)

Nice work! I love the attention to detail, and the neat effects in the backgrounds. I can tell you're having a lot of fun with your work, so by all means, keep it up.

jenninexus responds:

Thanks so much friend! I appreciate the encouragement and so glad you like the details. Your work inspires& amuses me, so your opinion is especially heartwarming.

Yea, Its a bit racey for some kids, ok MOST kids, but still its pretty neat.
I can tell a LOT of work went into it and it is pretty nice.
The PERV gallery is impressed.

jenninexus responds:

The perv gallery lol. Yeah, I may try some South Park / Beavis & Butthead degree of humor down the line, so I wouldn't say my characters are specifically geared towards kids.. but my kid self would have liked this game - glad u do too & thanks for playing! :-)

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3.15 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2014
7:44 PM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up