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Leap Weave

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Save your solar system by reuniting the planets with your magical cosmos thread. It's not as epic as it sounds.

Made with Unity 2D during the Ludum Dare 30 jam. It was about 95% done by the end of the LD weekend. I guess I burnt myself out and needed a little break before finishing it.

-Gamepad support (only tested with PS3 controller)
-Jumping ('w', 'up', 'spacebar', or gamepad)
-Moving ('w' and 's', 'up' and 'down', gamepad)
-Pausing! ('p', start on gamepad)
-Mute (sounds with 'n', music with 'm')

Edit- You can hold down the jump button to jump higher. If anyone has issues with seemingly impossible jumps, let me know. Spanks.

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I like it, its very creative and in a game, making it interesting is one of the top priorities, to me. Good job.

Nice little challenge. Simple graphics with effective environments, and some creative music. Putting the "asteroid" levels in to offset the planet levels was a good idea, and when they become like tunnels, they're really cool.

What makes this game work is the control. It's a tough game, but not for the wrong reasons. To solve the game, you have to master the timing, the pace, and the patterns. And because the pace changes from level to level, players are required to adapt. The controls are very tight and responsive, though, especially on the asteroid levels. I can't thank you enough for this... the ability to make little corrections on those levels made them not only doable, but enjoyable. Too many games feature a player avatar that slides like a block of ice and careens into walls and off ledges. While I had to repeat some of the levels a number of times... especially the last level... I never got frustrated. There's that feeling of, "I can DO this. Just one more try," which is what more programmers should aim for.

Good job.

[Major Bug Report]
For some reason, level3 always glitches on my Mac, and is unplayable.
Here are the screenshots of level 3, first on Safari, second on firefox:
Good thing I checked the review and then make a double check, otherwise I might make a low rating.

Gameplay wise, it's a plain runner platformer, but not bad. Music is nice as well. 3 stars.

ItsTheAshtray responds:

Whooooaaaaa. Cool, thanks for the report and screenshots. I'll look into it.

Great music, and very hard game (in good side)
I like playing filler-levels between planets, it is very diverse.
But game is very short and it has no replayable parts. Btw, great work! We also made game during this LD and know, how it hard. Good luck!

Why does the planet keep slowing down! I can never reach far!