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Ghost Pirates

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Escape the ship full of Ghost pirates

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Heh, I chuckled when you used the sheet to pretend to be a ghost, and the pirate is like, "Oh, well then, come on in, sir."

Yeah, super easy as usual, but I don't know, I've always found these games relaxing.

Liked the storyline & graphics but it just didn't prove enough of a challenge for a point and click fan, the combining of items should be left up to the player and shouldn't be to obvious either; it also becomes more of a challenge if the items you use are spread throughout the game in groups of scenes to use to progress to the next group. Have you tried playing the monkey Island & Runaway collections just for some inspiration, they might give you some really crazy ideas.

It doesn't really matter what anyone says, Abroy will just keep making simple games whether you like them or not. Having automatic item combining equals way less programming.

Hmm, I like the graphical style, papery somehow, but the gameplay otherwise leaves something to be desired. Feels like details are mising, like the hidden paddle at the start. Even if it's easy to click around and get the things you need, it feels that should be present at the start. Clicking on the crate first produces a kinda helpless gesture that makes me think he can't reach the crate. Would be fun with some dialog too, some cutscenes, etc... more feedback! Keep it going.


About time you changed the slogan. You donĀ“t need to be smart to solve these puzzles. Could do with a change of format. These are far to easy even for children.