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Elsa (Frozen) Speedpaint

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Ive seen people upload speedpaints here before, so I figured Id give it a shot too.
I originally made this a few months ago, you can go see an entire series on the frozen girls on my website http://www.shadbase.com/the-cold-never-bothered-me-anyway/

Time taken: almost 5 hours
Music: "Let It Go(From Frozen) Metal Cover" From this guy: http://youtu.be/usPoug7NcZo I love his metal covers, you should check him out of you're into good music.

Remember you can follow me on Twitter to stay up to date with new pictures by me: https://twitter.com/Shadbase

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The snowflakes on the legs looks awesome :D

wow dude that shadow effect good job really brought elsa to life
also very sexy idea Thanks :D

Love the music it very very beautiful and very creative and it goes hard but not so much as to lose the theme AWSOME! The art is beautiful and sexy so I will leave with this WOO WOO Do yo do to the best of you

How many times did you fap before you were actually done with the painting? :p

*TheShadling/Shadbase channel*
"Won't lie....i was caught off guard by the adult theme of this video...."
You must be new here.
I'm gonna be honest, you're one of (if not the best) artist I've found on the internet that updates frequently. It somehow manages to improve with every picture and the only reason I haven't commissioned pictures myself is that I'm horribly broke. Even then, I've debated between something from you and something I actually really need. I was thinking of a commission for a friend, but it would have ended up running me $280. Thought I do have one question, would you consider the background in this picture to be a basic one or a detailed one? It looks pretty detailed but I've seen much more detailed ones in your pictures.
Well, maybe one day I'll be rich enough that I can say I can afford a Shad picture lol

TheShadling responds:

Glad you like my work man, this could slide as a simple background.