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Marcus The Nazi

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I invited Stijn over to write, paint and make this animation with me in 1 evening. The result was a bunch of tiny squares on 3 A3 pieces of paper and a lot of laughter. In motion, it looks like this.

Music by Frootza who was awesome enough to also do this in 1 evening.

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Hey Dieter, It's been a while! I loved making this piece with you man.

We have a rough spot, after Motorjoust and the Fishing Game with WolveGames... But All is good now, I would love to work with you and everyone again. Just settling up with some trauma at the moment. I'm going to watch this again as I haven't even seen it in so long!

I sincerely enjoyed this graphic. It was completely unique. The story was easy to understand. The animations were one of a kind and very entertaining and the ending was bizarre haha. The music and sounds were very mystery, suspense I thought.

Loved it.

test-object responds:

Cool, glad to hear!

Why not

test-object responds:


What can i say, i see that you tried to do an interesting style of drawing and animation, but it didn't work. The story is too weird and simple and i found no liking to the flash.

test-object responds:

I'm glad I'm turning off people who like Fatelogic.

btw, it's an animation, not a flash.