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E.T. Excursion Intro

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After a year-and-a-half hiatus, E.T. Excursion has returned!

ANNOUNCEMENT: The future of ETX as a series looks bright! I have a golden opportunity to produce my IP into a full-fledged animated show that will subsequently be pitched to multiple networks. An actual, professional pilot is in the works as I type this!

Even if I don't proceed boldly into the world of HBO or whatever, I just want you all at Newgrounds to know that I've always enjoyed participating. The rush of submitting something new is just too good to pass up, and so I will continue to put a disproportionate amount of effort into animated shorts you'll only be able to enjoy for 7 minutes and submit them!

A big Thank You to Tom and the rest of the Newgrounds team for hosting such a great platform for creativity.

This is a short 45-second intro sequence I made for my senior project. I graduated art school as of 09/26/2014 and some big stuff is in the works.

Made using Flash, Maya, and Aftereffects. Enjoy!

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This is awesome but I'm not used to the more "cartoony" look nor Brian being dark-skinned. You did a great job on this nonetheless and I hope this series of yours is going well even though it's been near two years since this intro came out! I also hope to see more of this series on Newgrounds. That would be a blast!

I hope the series will be good, and the Television CEO's doesnt make you do some changes to the show itself. More importantly, I hope its just as good as the first few episodes you made.

I have noticed some changes, like art, and the modern male changed skin color.

I hope this show will be on Netflix, as I doubt its going to be on Newgrounds and Youtube for free. I dont watch television anymore


Damn im glad its back i cant wait to see the new ones and good luck with HBO or whoever the hell !

Ah, my favourite crazy futurologist is back!That's a huge artstyle shift you've got there Evan, from your pretty basic but nontheless fantastic style we all know and love, to a more "cartoonish" but still great approach. Also I'm watching the intro over and over again, and I still can't get used to dark skinned Brian, Meredith's new teeth, and even Truxx has got a new hat.... Oh, well, I guess when the series start, I'll be more and more accustomed whit these rehashes. Still, It's good to see you're still working on it friend, and congrats on making ET Excursion a fully pledged series.