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*Update- I'm reuploading a fixed version to fix some of the scenes where the clothing physics got messed up. You may or may not see that version depending on your browser and sometimes it takes a bit for NG to update the video

This was a "one week challenge" I made for myself to see what I could do from scratch in one week. Sorry its another one off animation but it helped me to practice somethings and also set a tight goal to produce something.

I'm still working on the first episode for a series but I'm waiting to hear back from some people if they want to help with it.

The neat thing about making this fight- it kind of made me want to resurrect my old Shinobi noir series which was like one of the first things I animated on here.

The problem with that series was it was an action drama and at the time i didn't have the skill to pull it off. Also drama is not usually on NG. Although I think I might remake it starting in November when I finish the first episode of the other series.

Thanks to C, VicariousE, and Tom Fulp for donating- Any thing I get I am putting towards cameras for mocap or for software to process the mocap since ipisoft is a little $$ but will help create more real -to life animation.

If you're so inclined check out my patreon- http://www.patreon.com/user?u=102503.

If a couple people donate a dollar I can get another cam stand for the mocap camera so the movement tracking is more accurate. Also it lets me know that people are interested in this kind of schtuff.

Thanks also to Howard since he inspired me to do something like this from ideas I had already.

On to the next thing...


Seemed a bit choppy at times, motions weren't as fluid as one would like. But over all it was pretty good.

Dude... don't be silly. This is top grade stuff. Yeah.. flash animators may not be making money, but you can find a job with companies that do. I'm pretty sure you qualify for blizzard entertainment, or many freaking others that are on the same level of productions.... I am just getting into animation and what you are doing right now will take me a life time to learn, let alone actually produce.
I believe you can do it. I don't have a single doubt within me that you can't achieve this and damn near never am I wrong about these feelings. Trust your self, that is all you need. oh and you are absolutely free to use any of my music for anything you do, infact it would be an absolute honor if you did.

Use MoCap. Learn it and use it. It'll be fun than manually animating possible moves.

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Kel-chan responds:

i am but to get it better it costs $$

I'm using1 camera and a crappy program that is kind of useless when it comes to tracking. Theres a better one on steam but I'm not going to buy it at the moment because there's no return on investment.

If people want to help out they can donate and I'll upgrade the setup but for now I have to mix keyframing with minimal mocap.

Also the mocap does not track fast movements like fighting well at all. another reason for that program and a better mocap camera. Also the new program has a setup for 2 person motion tracking so that'd make fights even better

Not bad! I'd say though you could work on fluidity of movements a little more. Also, perhaps you should try giving different characters different styles of fighting or manners of fighting. After all, fighting is part of who the character is and in a scene where there's no speaking, the actions convey a lot about what a character is thinking or feeling.
Keep it up! :D

~Phyrnna ^_^

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It was good.

Improvements- Make it show that at some point someone is definitely winning, or much better at something. Doesn't mean comebacks are impossible though. Most of the movements were fluent so I wouldn't be able to tell if any attacks were really landing besides the sound, but that isn't as effective. And just make sure to show the impressive parts as clearly as possible. If it isn't too clear, show it in slow motion.

I'm just a guy who've seen enough to know what works.

Kel-chan responds:

good idea

I had the one char get kicked back a couple of times but I kind of wanted it a little ambiguous at the end so you can make up your own mind on who wins.

Also I'm thinking off slowing down at the clash points so you can see he strikes a little better.

Thanks for the tips

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Sep 27, 2014
4:22 AM EDT