Handicapped Mario vs. Bow

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Handicapped Mario vs. Bowser.

Here's another Handicapped Mario Video. Probably the last one I'm doing. I have a bunch of other Ideas I want to get to and these aren't getting much attention anyway. Also, if you like my shitty cartoons, I have a lot more for you on my youtube channel.


The World's Lamest Super Mario Bros Cartoon...Ever Part 6. Cripple / Paralyzed / Paraplegic / Handicapped Mario vs. Bowser.

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I think I gotta take back what I said about the last two movies I ended up warming up to these dumb little movies over time

Also I gotta say the Bowser voice really fits. Like to the point where you should do a dub over Bowser's Inside Story kind of good.

That being said this is hilarious and I'm sorry about the other reviews. Also any plans for another Crippled Mario? How about where he competes in Smash Bros

tonyfamous responds:

No problem. I'm used to crappo reviews ;-) My problem lately is no time. I do stuff like this in my spare time and lately I been working my butt off. Also, with the lack of views and Youtube pretty much killing my channel, I just got burnt out. I had planned to do some more animating and had written another Handicapped Mario I think, but animating takes sooooo long, plus I don't have great software or computer. I think I'm better suited to write stuff and I'm more of a gag cartoonist so if I were doing this for real, I'd be better working with someone who loves to draw and animate. My style isn't really anime and different from a lot of the stuff on Newgrounds and I have to force myself to do stuff like that and when I do it generally looks lazy. Anyway, I enjoy posting and will always try to be offbeat and different and I have a million ideas so if my work slows down I'll contribute more :-)

i think that the voice acting on the turtle guy needed some improvement,
keep it up though!!!

Drags on a bit too long.

to long, and not really funny.

too long baby . Has potential to be funny .

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3.17 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2014
10:17 PM EDT
Comedy - Original