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SleepyCast Animated Ep 01

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Spazkid is visited by an alien.
Animated from the SleepyCast Ep. 01, featuring Spazkid, Stamper, Psychicpebbles, and JohnnyUtah.

Go check it out if you haven't already:


It's out of this world!

... see what I did there? ... because of th- nevermind

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Animation was immaculate! Nice panty and stocking reference as well, although the drawer noises were annoying (at least to me) other than that really good!

The dead Mick head was a nice touch. It was kind of weird watching this considering i live with these weirdos. Did you know Spazkid's room has broken mirror glass glued to the ceiling? Now you know.

ieJoMaFLo responds:

Haha wow, really puts my whole panty pillow thing into perspective.

Not bad animation and I see the panty pillow sleeve; fan of PSG perhaps? ;)

ieJoMaFLo responds:

Haha yea totally, but probably not as much as Spazkid

Woo, didn't know about SleepyCabin before... but now I do! Nicely animated, slick and well-synced, and the audio's plenty entertaining too. Kinda reminded me of Game Grumps at the start. Hope ther'll be more of these!


ieJoMaFLo responds:

They are some pretty cool dudes. Go check out the podcast its great!

not bad man, i like it!