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Space Rescuers

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Greetings warrior! Our planet was attacked by aliens. They want to destroy it. Your task is to destroy the enemies. You are the last hope. Do not miss out the enemies on the planet. They will destroy it.

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Utter crap!
Graphics looks like it was made in MS Paint. Invisible bullets or are enemy bullets being hidden by the power ups? Something unseen is killing me anyways.

maldan responds:

Please, read author comments and sorry for my English. You dead because you miss enemy, and they go to down. Read description "Do not miss out the enemies on the planet.". I hope you realise me?

I got to Hand it to you Maldan This Game is really Fun And very welly made its got a few problems tho: I dont think you get health power ups Very frequently i also had a glitch Every once in a While Were Id get a health Power up and it woundent Do anything but other then that i really liked it (So far ive only gotten To the socound boss) But so far i like it. P.S. I really liked the enemy designs

Easy-peasy-lemon squeasy. And too short.

Enemies are very repetitive and unimaginative. At start, they're normal, if simple, but later? Red boxes, white boxes, and another white boxes.

But, overall, it is a playable and somewhat enjoyable game. I hope, next one will be even better.

I liked that this was difficult to play but easy to figure out the basics of. I don't like it when I fly through the levels, on this game I have to work and die a lot to get good enough to reach the next level which is a positive. I also like how it's not the same recycled enemies every level, you start to see some new ones and even some obstacles like mines as you progress.

It took me a while to figure out you can hold the fire button for rapid fire. There really is no incentive to not have the rapid fire held down once you figure out that it works, perhaps you could make it so that pickups can be damaged or destroyed by your own fire? Or perhaps offering a different way of using the fire button, like a charged attack that can't be done if rapid fire is held down? Otherwise you'd be just as well having auto rapid fire and doing away with firing with the mouse.

I'd suggest offering a language option. Currently it's an inconsistent mix of English and Russian so unless you speak both languages you're not going to understand all of the text and instructions. I have no idea what the button says when you die for example, I assume something similar to "retry"?

I haven't given it more than a 3 because I think it needs some work (where mentioned) and from what I have seen doesn't add anything new to the genre. That isn't to say it's a bad game , just that it needs something more if it's to stand out from the rest.

Not bad