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Pokemon - Truth Revealed

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Ash finds out a creepy secret about the world of Pokemon...

For more animation stuff:

...I rarely post things but hey, I post when it matter right?

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This is common knowledge. Magikarps are especially tasty.

Jonimator responds:

Ah shit. Guess I'm the laughing stock of pallet town now.

Nice video, there was only one thing that is bad of this animation, and it is that there was no suspense to the vena-burgers, and a shocking moment NEEDS this by force, but the rest is alright

That's funny how the diglett popped out of the ground all huge and muscular. That's funny because of how relative it is with the game and episodes. Digletts whole body was never seen.

i guess that makes it a... *puts on sunglasses* veggie burger... =D

But I think it's a rather unplasant idea to eat venosaur meat since there are tauros and miltank pokemon(which look exatly like cattle) and a few varieties of fish.

Jonimator responds:

Aahh but a Venosaur's got the veggies and meat all in one! Less work for making burgers