Mr. Splibox

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Finder 5 Points

Find second splibox

Lucky 5 Points

Collect first coin

Discodancer 10 Points

Was infected three times

Helper 10 Points

Find first splibox

Mr. Evilmustache 10 Points

Open Mr. Evilmustache

Toreador 10 Points

Make angry enemies ten times

Bomberbox 25 Points

Open Bomberbox

Discozombie 25 Points

Open Disco Zombie

Savior 25 Points

Find third splibos

Traveler 25 Points

Complite 15 levels

Defender 50 Points

Find fifth splibox

Prepare to board! 50 Points

Complite 25 levels

Rescuer 50 Points

Find fourth splibox

Banker 100 Points

Collect all coins

Hero 100 Points

Defeat Galactic Pirate

Author Comments

Funny platformer about Mr. Splibox. He can split himself
and create spliboxes who help him in his adventures!


AD or Arrow key - move

W or Up - create clone

S or Down - Remove last clone

M - mute

R - restart

P - pause

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Neat, nicely made platformer, with decent length and a well-balanced difficulty curve (fairly easy/tutorial'ish up to the middle, then ramping up, the last couple quite challenging at times).

One minor annoyance in the boss fight - got killed twice by a stray spike ball after "beating" him, when the "cinematic" mode had already kicked in, making it impossible to move/dodge.


This game is better than it looked initially when I started it up. I wasn't sure at first, from logo to level 1 it didn't look like it was that great quality, the English looks like it's been translated verbatim from another language. But the gameplay more than makes up for it. It's got character, the little cube is always so chilled out looking and you have to be as well to play this. It took a bit of time to get used to the rules (wasn't until level 7 that I discovered if your cubes get destroyed you can't regenerate them) but that was part of the fun too. It's funny in a weird surreal kind of way down to the enemies and characters.

Loved it, especially the boss fight. One tip, on level 20, would be to put the spikes above the fan to make the trap even more deadly.

Fun game! Great work and 5 stars

Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2014
9:43 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle