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Still Alive

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Try to survive in dark forest full of zombies. Protect your house and fix your car to leave this evil place. Survive longer than a one wave of zombies by making use of the lull hours effectively by:

*Repairing your barricade
*Searching for weapons
*Practice to increase your skills
*Fix your car to complete the game

45 – 1 hour of Game play
8 different weapons
35+ random zombie appearances
-7 kinds of skills



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It would be a great game if the zombies are easier to kill/aimming faster and the zombies do less damage on the baricade.

The game had pottential, but sucked.
Zombies should be easier to kill.
Barricades should be harder/zombies should do less damage on the barricade
There should be a ammo counter and a reload button.

Needs a lot of tweeking. There's difficult games, and there's games like this where it looks like the guy who made it didn't even care enough to see if it actually works. Gotta blam it, just because the dev doesnt seem to give a shit about the actual playability. Its not a new concept, the art isnt anything special, and the game play sucks.

nice game, good idea but way too hard

The biggest problem with this game seems to be that lag slows down player actions (reloading/aiming)
, but not the movement of the zombies (making the game way harder than it should be).
other than that, decent game here.