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Daddy Room Escape

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Your dad get angry and locked you inside his room, you need to collect appropriate objects and get escaped soon before he comes back. Click on the object to interact with them and solve simple puzzles.

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I thought this was a good game. I could read the clue on the desk, It took me a minute to realize some places you drag, not click. It is was kinda hard but not too hard (for me). I don't make games, no idea how to go about it, and so I don't bitch, I just do them and be happy there is still escape games out there. I would say that I'm not a fan of black and white so that is my only problem (hence the 4 and a half)
But great work.

I am fine with a monochrome game. It's just the clue for a four-digit safe was barely visible. Thanks to the walk through, there was no hint for unlocking the clock.

There is no clue that helps with the safe. I looked it up on U- tube, and the code was 1314. On U-tube the code was on the desk, but its unreadable in this game so, WTF. Otherwise this game was easy.

The sound was off a little i like it but it didn't go with the game i like the style of the white and black, also try and put a walkthrough button in instead of a question mark coz it only token me to the site where the game come from

Fairly standard room escape game, with a minimalistic but serviceable presentation. An enjoyable distraction, if on the short and easy side.