Mandatory Madness

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*Warning, emotional typing speech below, skip to bottom of description for movie details*

This is my first movie submitted under the alias "BigSweatySchilling", and Its also the first time I have ever participated in madness day. This means a lot to me because when I was younger, the madness combat series, as well as the tributes to Madness combat are one of the biggest reasons why I had a Newgrounds account.

Making this movie was a huge rollercoster. I originally planned on submitting this on Madness day 2012, but things such as school, friends, family, work, and an unsatisfying feeling to this animation have prohibited me from releasing this for 2 years. I started working on this in November 2011, and I finished it in August 2014, I feel so much satisfaction at this very moment of typing this, hell, I am even nervous, my stomach has butterflies. I know that this is just a madness combat spin off, but I am still very proud of it, and I think the reason that is, is because I stuck with this bitch until the very end.

This takes place on a different part of Nevada, located away from where our heroes Hank, Sanford, and Diemos shoot the shit out of people. The timeline is set between Madness combat 7 Consternation and leads up to Madness combat 8 Inundation.

Also just to make sure none of you get comfused, the last 2 minutes of this animation are a flashback and it leads up to the events that happen at the beginning of this animation.

I hope you love it

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Sorry, but this wasn't all that good. The character artwork was obviously drawn manually (with subpar results), the walking seemed off (bodies and heads should go up and down when feet move), bodies sometimes seem to distort themselves in weird ways when characters rotated, enemies sometimes fell down to the ground too fast after dying, and how can someone possibly grab a speeding fired bullet without hurting themselves? However, one thing I will commend you for is the typing hands when one character was exchanging messages with someone else. That part was animated pretty well. I've definitely seen worse, but sadly can't give this a high ranking. I strongly recommend you watch some madness tutorials on YouTube and practice some more for future creations.

BigSweatySchilling responds:

Hi Crazy Monkey. Thank you for reaching out and giving some feedback. I am honestly surprised you found this animation, I thought that It has been dead since 2015. I can understand your disdain towards the art style. I personally believe that this movie did use to look better, but the speed of the animation changed when SWF files turned into MP4 files, and at the time this change occurred, I already moved on with life and stopped really caring about my cartoons.

I would like to counter argue the thing about catching the bullet and having the main character be unfazed. Madness combat at least, in my opinion, has never been about realism, and so for that reason, I came up with an over the top ridiculous way for the protagonist to kill one of the cannon fodder l33t agents.

Overall, I agree with your assessment to be honest. Back in the day, I felt like I was God after finishing this animation. I was put in place after not watching this for 2 years by attempting to show off my "mad art skills" to this girl I was flirting with. After seeing how bad this cartoon was, I was shaken, cheeks red, and embarrassed. While I did put a lot of effort into this cartoon, If I ever get involved in cartoon creation again, I will be sure that my next animation is much more polished.

Thanks again for your informative review!

the beginning was creppy as hell

Very good movie
The only "little" problem is the graphism.
Otherwise all perfect.

"Some kind of genius,"

-Lieutenant Colonel Garrick Lieson

BigSweatySchilling responds:

Uhhh wut?

I like when an animation tries to poke an idea or a moral concept, even if it requires a little more text. It's rare. The ending sequence tying it to the beginning was well done.
What I think sticks out the most in the bad sense, #1 would be disproportional camera, #2 is that the combat is way too linear - it's like "make the main character move linearly and shoot, kill an enemy every 0.2 seconds." Aside from some specific downsides, you only have to improve as an animator in general. Congrats for putting it together.