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Vetri follows the story of a boy who is so frustrated with the failures in his life, that he decides to undertake a 'Guide To Success' course that will promise him a better, brighter future.

A comedy feel good short film made by myself in 6 months using the free software Blender. This was made to improve upon my previous short film "Tripping". Any feedback on this film will be greatly helpful to further improve on the next!

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The twist on the ending was really good, but i have to watch it twice to really get it. Anyway great job the graphics looks amazing and there some things to be polish that many other users already said. Keep it up!!

ThilakanathanStudios responds:

Thanks Le-Siul :) Really glad you liked the ending, although you're right, I should have made the ending more clear.

There's a lot of things to improve and lots of things you're already doing great. I'll just mention one that may help you with future projects.
Animating in scene and animating loops. A lot of the animation of your characters walking or running seem odd because their feet slide. When you can see the feet, If instead of making a walking or running loop and place them instead on the ground step by step, it will not only match but it will make the animation more organic because every pose will be different.

ThilakanathanStudios responds:

Great feedback about animating in scene. Due to the number of characters and the length of film, I felt a little overwhelmed at the amount of animation I had to do. Animating in scene, although time consuming, would probably have given me a better looking result. Something which I'm looking forward to incorporating in my next film. Thanks for this useful suggestion Atzu :)

You did great. From what I had seen from the message, and what you done since your last animation. It deserves a 5 stars.

Talent comes differently to one, to another. Some easy to find, some hard. All it takes is observation, and someone there that can guide someone in the right path.

ThilakanathanStudios responds:

Cheers, thanks a lot thunder-of-light :D Really appreciate it!

This was extremely well done. The lighting was awesome, the storytelling was awesome, the models were great. The my only problem with this was the animation itself was a tad awkward in a few places and needed a bit of polishing. Also, some of the on-screen text flashed by a bit too fast and the last scene where he suddenly starts to understand what's actually happening could have been a tad bit clearer on what everything meant. Still, those were minor problems for an overall awesome short.

ThilakanathanStudios responds:

Thanks ForceApplied for the useful review :D I was also a little bit unsure whether people would understand that final scene and I guess that is due to poor planning. I will work on this and hopefully come up with a better story along with animation.

Wow, though The story and theme have already been grinded to the bones, the sheer effort you've put into this 'flash' (that doesn't sound right) is commendable. Notice the steep faces and crooked physique of the antagonist, typical Indian. Try to 'westernize' it more, might not count for much but it gets the ratings flowing.

ThilakanathanStudios responds:

Thanks a lot thomasconlin :) I'll try and come up with a more unique story and theme next time around. I actually was going for an Indian type appearance, haha (I was aiming to submit to an Indian short film competition)