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The new release of Call of Duty is getting near, but the kid is up to a nasty surprise.
Watch to find out what happens :)

and remember:"post services are not 100% accurate",...right?


Hey that was a cool flash, except that inept animating and the shitty plot. but It made me laugh and nothing else matters. I didn't even mind the song in the end. much.

Animation is very amateurish but clearly had some thought put into it and yeah its clear your new to animation but its really not that bad....a lot better then what I am capable of at this moment actually...anyways, comedy wise it was fine. Not hilarious but I kind of got a laugh out of the ending. So not bad.

I'm just going to say, that this animation looks like it was made by some dumb cod hipster about them getting a game thats NOT EVEN OUT YET! I think cod is the worst game series today and I think you should've put more effort and plotting instead of taking cod and making a dumb poorly animated terribly voice acted video on newgrounds.

Dovji responds:

Guess what? I don't even play COD,...LOL and I'm no hipster, and I "hate" them as much as you do.

About the animation, I'm no pro, but yet again I wonder, when I get feedback from people, who has zero experience in animation whatsoever, therefore I cannot take them seriously. Yes I'm looking at you 133COOLGUY,...
Thx for all the feedback though.

Oh, and BTW, I don't give a damn about your dumb attitude :P

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2.52 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2014
10:28 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody