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'' This movie shows how men must finish what they started; how determined you must be to accomplish what you believe? And how much rage you need to do it?
Maybe it's not about rage, maybe it's just do what you have been taught.
Perfectly, no doubts...''

My notes:
Hey newgrounder, how you doing?
So, I finally finish this piece of art, and I'm very proud!
I mean, I'm just a regular guy working in my dark bedroom listening to rock bands, and chatting with friends... College and work are part of my routine now (I wish I could have more time to stay playing with flash.)
I know it's not the best stick movie out there, but I tried to make it the most beautiful as possible, and tried to give a more human touch, given him feelings and fears. I hope you like it!

The dimensions for this movie were 500x310, it was a small window okay?
So, I discovered what awesome tool is this program called Swivel (transform flash movies to videos) and then I exported the movie in high definition. As consequence, the bitmap, jpg and png images has stretched a lot; so some scenes need some coloring improvement (I should do it in the next update)

Ps: I have a broken english, I do make grammatical errors, and in the movie I think I have done one.
SPOILER: it's not ''Don't worry with me'' but ''about me''. I must correct it in the next update, just ignore for the time xD


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One of the best movies in Newgrounds for me. Very nice!

Alucard responds:

That was a cold blood murderer that was trained since childhood to serve the ''wolfpack'', which he kills on that house, every single one of them in one night. (Except for the general, who made a toast to his final showdown)


not bad

Alucard responds:

Thank you!


Alucard responds:

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually this is really good... good art, good animation, and the music works perfectly (If you know the name of the music you used, could you pm me the name and group) adding to my playlists, adding this to favorite movies, and adding you to my favorites.

Alucard responds:

Thank you! The name of the song is in the credits.

Epic, all of it! Brilliant display, and everything lies in with the song so well.

Alucard responds:

Thank you very much!