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Just because everything looks right on the outside, does not mean everything feels right on the inside...
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Note: if you are not in a point in your life where you've both had a full time job and missed a credit card payment, this game probably will not make sense to you.

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Thoughtful and truthful

It sort of feels like you drew some inspiration from "Papers Please" because of the subject this game handles and the theme as well. It was pretty fun playing it although I feel like a combination of flappy bird and such serious subject just doesn't feel serious as it should. :/

What can you say that hasn't already been said about Flappy Bird? Same graphics (nice color scheme though), same sound effects (nice music though), and the same gameplay. I was a little annoyed by the fact that the bird moves so slowly in this version, but considering it doesn't really matter how far you get I wasn't really frustrated.

What did frustrate me was that the game hiccuped like crazy. From the moment I started the game, the music frequently cut out for split seconds, and it was common for my spacebar to decide not to work while playing. I don't know if this is made in HTML5 or Unity or what, but you probably could have made this exact same game in Flash 5 and it would have been more stable.

That said, the dialogue was decent, well-written, and poetic. What I found odd about it was that you used Flappy Bird as a medium to express the text. I get that there's this whole "jumping through hoops" thing but honestly the hype surrounding Flappy Bird made it very hard to take this seriously. One of the things that made Flappy Bird viral was how STUPID the game was, in a funny sort of way. That doesn't translate well into the existential depression expressed in this game. This doesn't catch me in the gut the way Billy Suicide did, or provide original gameplay like Fixation did - it just presented a sub-par game with a message that tried to fit in and didn't. The result is that the two clash pretty badly. Oh well, if nothing else it's kind of funny.

Possibly the most mopey, pretentious emo garbage I've ever seen, and I went to school with hipsters. It only vaguely seems to qualify as a game, seeing as the mechanics of the 'play' have seemingly no effect on the progression of the canned, predictable, whiny slideshow of a narrative, and the fact that it spins the mechanics of Flappy Bird to tell a story doesn't make it any less unoriginal or recycled than that game.

Yes, it certainly is hard to be gainfully employed and getting laid in a first-world democracy, isn't it? Don't tolerate this sort of trash, Newgrounds.

I really enjoyed the fact you used the old "flappy" mechanic to convey the feeling of going through hoops endlessly. I don't know if the turtle was on purpose, but I really like to think that the turtle is meant to be how the narrator seems to be a very to himself person. Very well put together, music was entrancing, and the writing was good enough to keep me playing 23 rounds of flappy bird.

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3.66 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2014
5:12 PM EDT
Simulation - Other