Magic Runes

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Once beautiful forest was charmed by an evil magic. Use magic runes to remove a curse and recover colors of the forest. Place magic runes according to each level task to recover some of nature objects in the forest


everybody are like WOW WOW WOW
i am like DAYUM DAYUM DAYUM :3

nice game
starts easy but would probably gets hard after level 13
the problem is it does not safe your progress sooo you have to beat it in one seating ?_?
if a game is a chill game its suppose to safe your progress

Good concept, challenging. Just needs an undo feature so that when I realise I've made a single point error, or misclick, that I don't have to start from the start and either memorise or rework the entire solution.

I give this three stars for the fact that it was challenging, and definitely made me think, but not to the point where I felt like I was completing a chore. I would try to understand my thinking process - if I put this block here, these two will go green, but I have to put another one down still - and I realized... tracking my thought process was more exhausting than the game itself.
I would gladly give this game a 4 or higher, except for the fact that there is nothing to indicate that level 14 is the end. So I tried to beat it for a whole ten minutes before I read the comments and saw that there's no way to go past it. Is the game not finished, or did you mess up in the level design and not realize it was impossible to progress? Because, as others have mentioned, if you change that odd green block to a yellow, the level is instantly solvable. Alas, I'll have to return another day to see if this has been fixed, as it was just starting to become addicting. :)

PS - a level select screen would be lovely. I feel as if I beat the earlier levels purely by guessing, and now that I understand the mechanics, it would be nice to be able to return to them to see how much easier they are now.

curiosityspoon is right. there should be a fix in level 14. if it is fixed, then I would do the level and see more.

Level 14 can be proved impossible in its current state, by considering the the grid as a graph with a vertex at each rune and an edge between each pair of adjacent rune. Each edge must contribute exactly 1 to the value of one (and only one) of the vertices it connects, so by replacing the runes with numbers (yellow=0, green=1, red=2, blue=3, pink=4), the total sum of the numbers must end up exactly equal to the number of edges.

In level 14, the layout of the grid represents a graph with 32 edges (16 horizontal, 16 vertical), but you expect us to achieve a target image that has a sum of 33. Clearly not possible.

If any of the three green runes in the top right quaddrant of the target image changes to a yellow, the level becomes solvable. Presumably this should be the one on the top row of the image, since that gives the grid a symmetric "pinwheel" design.

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holidaygames responds:

Thanks! SIndeed I have found a bug and fixed it. Sorry!

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3.43 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2014
11:16 AM EDT
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