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A 3D animated thriller about a business worker and his attempts to maintain his reputation in front of his boss at his hotel. Story was inspired by a short film (can't remember the name) I saw years ago as a kid.

This was my second film. Not the best animation or story in the world, lol, but any reviews would help!

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Well, it's fine in fact but, since you need to improve in certain aspects in this 3D animation, such as facial expressions and emotions and also it makes me strange because of the way the characters walk and even how it has changes of appearance in citizens and I even find it bored of how actions and movements are so slow.

so this is my final score: 3.5 star

I finally got it after viewing it many times it was a joke gone wrong he meant to mske him trip but didnt think he would fall off the ledge. Nice story surprise ending.

ThilakanathanStudios responds:

Thanks again datcrazyblackboy :) Hehe, sorry for making you watch it many times, I really need to improve on my screenplay, lol..

Had a lot of issues, the animation was very stale and some parts were highly dragged on, but the story seemed to be going somwhere but after the big twist it just seemed to have added filler.

ThilakanathanStudios responds:

Sorry for the late reply, I just noticed the comment now. Thanks again TimFelt for the honest feedback. I'll make a note of this and work on improving for my current film project.

Nice work, love the really bright lighting in the street scenes. I'm sure you already know tht those walk/run cycles could have used extra work. Next time you need voice actors try fiverr.com maybe? I've had some success getting the folks there to do some lines for like five dollars each.

ThilakanathanStudios responds:

Haven't heard about fiverr.com, I'll try and give it a shot next time, thanks for the cool suggestion! And yes, I didn't spend enough time as I should have on those walk/run cycles. I'll make a note of it for a film I'm currently making, thanks for the feedback!

The face expression was little bit weird but the story was told good.It funny how many dead can happening over one briefcase. I like how you use the main character to foreshadow what going to happen next.The text was small to read and the part was the boss was getting angry could have been shorter.This film was great to watch.

ThilakanathanStudios responds:

Thanks DarkRiverSaben, really glad you liked the story! I'll make a note regarding the feedback about the face and text, I'll work on improving it for sure in the next film. Thanks for watching :)