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Elemental Force

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Elemental Force – it is a classic Tactical RPG in a new outfit. Try numerous variations of a character customization, pleasant graphic art and dynamic gameplay.

In Elemental Force, you will begin a journey of four basic elementals (Water, Fire, Earth and Wind). By upgrading elements, you will be able to choose their ways of evolution, combine features of different creatures, and create your own, unique team with its own gaming style.

Throughout the journey, you will sharpen your strategy, strengthen you mind and develop perseverance just to find out the best way to overcome your enemy.

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Simple, balanced, low requirements making it run perfectly on anything that supports a web browser, nice mechanics and some good deal of content. Well done!

hyugaHouse responds:

Thank you!

soooo bad

love the game, really enjoyed the advancement trees, the ability to replay missions, and the incredible variety involved. Complaints: I never got any of the regeneration abilities to work. several of the higher classed characters were underpowered, leading me to only play with them long enough to get an advancement then finish the game with lower characters. there was not a clear cut end to the game, I beat the last level and there was just nothing further. No end sequence, nothing but the ability to replay all the levels. left me feeling unfulfilled. still, loved it and played it in every spare moment til the end.

hyugaHouse responds:

Thank you for feedback!
We are trying to make EF2 more balanced. And we are adding movies to the begining and the end of the comaight.
Hope you will enjoy our EF2.

Unexpectedly addictive, a really fun game! Congrats.
It really has a strategy, different from other games like this one, so it's a really good pick!
Now, constructive suffs:
You should take your time now, and if you don't have any other projects, polish the creatures design, enemy design, etc.
Also, add some more effects on attacks or polish existing ones.
Oh, and check the spelling.
After saying that, I want to state that even if you don't do that, the game is still fun and great!

hyugaHouse responds:

Thank you for feedback! You are right. And we are looking for a good artist now, to make EF2 much better.

force of natured