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Walkthrough: http://escapefan.com/closed-doors-walkthrough/

Escape Fan – Closed Doors is another escape game, in which all the doors are closed and need to be opened. The best way of opening doors, is by solving the puzzles that keep them closed. Explore all the area in search of clues that can indicate the way out, our maybe the best way to solve one of the puzzles. You won’t be able to get out, before you don’t open each door and of course, before your solve the puzzles. Find all the 5 crystals and the key which will open the final exit door.


Illusion-XIII: "...you're doing it on purpose at this point."

no, aren't you a swift one? Relax man. Ainars has been doing these a long time. Gongtats is his special sign-out after the end of each game. Honestly- do your research, bro. peace out.

Thanks to the walk through. I missed the green dinosaur symbol and couldn't open one of the doors. Also, I didn't know if there was another clue note for the five insect symbolic lock. I somehow managed to open the safe with one clue note.

Okay, this time the 'G' doesn't even resemble a 'C'. It's clearly "Gongtats", not "Congrats". You're doing it on purpose at this point.

EscapeFan responds:

Yes, it's Gongtats, as always :)

This is a very good game, I love the whole find your way out kind of games. Though the music would have been better through it, Keep me on mah toes. make a series out of this and create a scary time limit escaper.

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Sep 3, 2014
4:55 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click