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Meanwhile in Russia...

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Hi. Its my first work on NG! So be nice. ;D I hope you will like it I have been doing cartoons for some while. So decided to share them with you, folks! Tried to make button and direct link to my youtube channel, but some errors appeared. So wrote link below to my youtu channel. Check it out!

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Putin is a communist... Lol. We, russians, have a joke: right wing of Russia don't vote CPRF (Communist Party of Russian Federadion) because they are communists, left wing of Russia don't vote CPRF because they are not communists. As i get it, it works with Putin in the same way, but he still gets 80% of voices.

As someone who grew up in the last decades of the cold war, this is highly amusing new setting for jokes we used to tell back then about the Soviet Union.

Topical and comical even still! I found this to be a great animation, and I enjoyed the arts style. Great first submission.

Seems like someone underneath me watches WAY too much RT and has some sand in it's vagina...

Anyway,loving the parody here. Altough the music was a bit too soft,i got a good chuckle out of it. 4.5/5 stars will do here.

Well, it does look at least a bit revelant to current events to me, i guess. Also, the graphics were not bad and the voices were quite fitting.