Thief in the Dark (1.0)

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Author Comments

As a thief you must obtain the five most valuable pieces in museums worldwide.
You must pass five levels of difficulty avoid being captured by the security lasers and traps needles.

A ... left
D ... right
W ... jump
SPACE ... activate switches.


Game Created by:

Idea, illustration, animation and development:
Kevin Rafael Araujo

Youtube Library.

Loja - Ecuador

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In addition to comment from Syrupmasterz,

- he falls down too early, e.g. when you walk and want to jump on the ledge you often fall to hole. Try allowing the character to jump / staring to fall only if you lost ground 2-3 frames (0.1 second?) ago, not immediately.

- yes it needs saves a lot

- more sounds

- maybe slowly restore the "health" or better allow some action that will restore it while not forcing player to scum/wait boringly for it to return

07raffaello responds:

Thank you very much for your suggestions, will try to improve these aspects.

Yikes! I know museums have high security, but I think PIKES might be a little extreme. :P

Not bad! The game is playable and I'm able to move around without glitches or bugs.
I do have some suggestions that should make the game better should you decide to release a new version.

-While the character is a ninja, adding some quiet sound effects for jumping and landing would improve the atmosphere of the game, and make him seem more ninja like.
-Same as above, when the ninja walks over or is hit with a laser, adding an electronic humming sound would make it seem like the security is slowly starting to detect him, and would make it more nerve racking.
-Some spike pits are impossible to get out of when the ninja falls in. That said, with these specific pits, the player should get an instant game over so it becomes less frustrating having to wait to get caught.
-Adding a Victory jingle and a Game Over jingle would make winning and losing seem more important.
-The floating platforms that move from left to right move from underneath the ninja while he stands on it. If you could find a way to have him move along with platform, it would prevent accidental fall offs.
-When moving around museums, sometimes the floor covers the Ninja's Detection Bar. Moving this icon so it always show up above obstacles would prevent it from being blocked.
-Having to restart all the way from the beginning after losing is a little bit harsh. Having a checkpoint every couple of levels or every level would prevent people from getting irritated and stop playing.
-A quick 'Boop' sound effect for when a button is pressed.
-Adding a couple of extra animations for being idle (standing still), such as the ninja looking both ways or crouching would be a nice touch.

This game has potential, a few tweaks and this could be a really good game. Good work! :P

07raffaello responds:

Thank you very much my friend, your suggestions will be considered for the final version, we hope to learn and make better development of the game in the next version.

Credits & Info

2.94 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2014
5:59 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other