600 Cuts

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30 levels, 20 cuts per level. That makes 600 cuts! A physics game like no other.


No way to tell which level you've passed or are currently on.

Couple issues I have with this game:

1. Things seem to explode in a violent and unpredictable way when you cut them.. this makes it hard to play.
2. Once you've beat a level there's no indication that you've beat it.
3. No way to speed things up when the eye is slooooowwwwlllyyy booouuuuunncccciinnnnngg towards the alien.

I don't know what levels were done and which ones are left. Just based on that I can stop playing four levels by not knowing where I am since the creator didn't have the later levels be locked, making it fairly easy to get out of order.

You might want to revise that "like no other" statement. The game is familiar in terms of the "cut through blocks" genre. Jokes aside, the music wasn't too good and immediately had me running to the mute button, so the mute button is a plus. There are several moments where the game would become stuck and I had to restart. The game just isn't that fun in all honesty, and the goal of having to get the eye back just isn't very motivating as well. It would have also been preferred to lock the levels so rather than having them all unlocked straight from the get go. As far as positives go, cutting the blocks work well enough and seeing them get chopped into multiple tiny fragments still remains enjoyable for me. Overall, despite the problems I'm sure some people can still find enjoyment out of this.

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Its something, maybe if you added some dangers and maybe a counter for what levels you did, that would be nice

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2.28 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2014
10:35 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other