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You Frickin Fricks!

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Majority of the animation made during slow days at work, decided to finalize it today. Behold the fruits of my Labor Day!

Audio taken from "SammyClassicSonicFan" Sonic Rant video on YouTube.

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Pedobear whacking off to Tail's anger. Steve's reaction is priceless. ****

Oh dear lord help me

Jesus!!! haha you really are good at animating and actually REALLY funny. another great work

I remember laughing at the poor kid's rant. He worked himself up so much over a single game. Granted, he loves it but still... Was there really a need to reach such decibels? I personnaly think not and yet, I love how you make it look like pedo bear's fault that another sonic game is bad. It could be theorized that he really is, I just don't want to bother xP

Still, I love it though. Just not ok with the syncing of pedobear's arm movement with sound but mieh, whatever. XD

lol peddo bear haha