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It’s been thousands of years since Tantalus was cursed, banished for all of eternity. He’s ditched the pond water and fruit trees that have taunted him for all these years and has decided to move to the city to start a new life. But the cities of the underworld have since modernized. They're now busy, bustling metropolises of the dead. Can Tantalus adapt to the new challenges of a modern world?


It’s been about three years since I started playing around with the idea of making a Tantalus series. Despite school, work, and other distractions, I somehow managed to find some time, and now I've done it! Basically, this episode is just introducing the idea of Tantalus and the nature of his curse. I have so many ideas for this series, so stay tuned!

Sound effects from freesound.org:
(sourcing my sounds like a good person)
“Desk Pound” by SunnySideSound
“BellTinyShake” by HerbertBoland
“Door slam 1” by bennstir
“Impacts_Splatter_Pineapple” by duckduckpony
“Stick-Swoosh Whoosh” by Hitrison
“Smell04” by Otakua
“Sizzling” by JasonElrod
“FootstepsOnaDock” by mmaruska
“putting pot on plate” by Robinhood76

; - ;

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I like your simple art and animation style. Interesting little video.

Get Tantalized! See what I did there?

Tantalus was part of an ancient Greek legend that eventually wound up in the gods punishing the poor guy after some good-willed human sacrifice:

Hanging food above him that he could easily grab, but when he tried it bent JUST beyond his reach.

Water was soaking him from the neck down, but when he tried to get a drink, it receded JUST beyond his lips.

Poor guy...

While I don't get the reason the Character is called Tantalus,bur I like the overal theme.

Took me a moment to Recognize Tantalus, He's the Greek guy who Got banished to Tartarus and was Made to Stand in a pool of Water, under an apple tree, the Rest is Evident.

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4.21 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2014
12:22 AM EDT