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Oney is Left 4 Friends

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Animated clips of Oney, Psychicpebbles, Spazkid, and Niall playing through Left 4 Dead 2 on Expert Mode.

Special Thanks to Zoiksart for helping keep an eye on the character design to keep consistency with Left 4 Dead. (His Tumblr - http://zoiksart.tumblr.com).

Had a fun time animating different exaggerated faces here lol. Wanted to see if I could experiment with the character designs used in Hellbenders and Oney update and Improvable
videos. Also, the gun used for Coach’s right arm also comes from Oney’s Final Fantasy 7 parody, Pointy Bits. Kind of felt it would be a funny nod to that video by giving Coach’s character design a larger scale compared to the rest of the characters.


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