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--> Update Dec 28, 2014: FREEware version of TermaNULL for Windows PCs is available for download here, with left analog stick gamepad support. Enjoy! http://www.josephhatcher.com/portfolio.htm

- Updated Nov 29, 2014. Should be a little bit more stable. It is no longer a NG exclusive.

Read the title screen instructions to understand the gameplay. Arrow keys move circle ship, mouse points in direction you want to shoot, hold down left click to fire continuously.

You can decide what you want your goal to be. Do you want to stack lives? See how long you can survive? Or do you try to get a higher score than your friends?

This was a fun little game to make, as I learned a lot about how to make the zombie shapes follow you, and star field background.

Everything you see and hear was made by me, except for when you lose lives, that is a classic scream ;) It was made in a couple of Saturdays in July of 2014, as my own kind of quick game jam, with Clickteam's Fusion!

Overall, was technically 4th Place in the games submitted for 31 Aug, 2014 :)


Great game. Love the strategy involved in it.

xympul responds:

Cool, thanks a bunch! Glad that you enjoy it! :)

The flash is good, but if you keep spinning ( bullets flying everywhere) nothing can touch you, you'd be surprised at how well it works.

xympul responds:

Indeed, but you can't increase your score and stack lives as easily. You will just keep hitting everything, taking away your score when you hit the shielded enemies. There is more strategy there ;)

Thank you for playing it and leaving your feedback! :)

Meh. Its decent I guess. I'll giv it an extra half a star because of that wilhelm yell.

xympul responds:

Thanks for that extra half star! :p Thank you for checking it out. Try to calm down, your indifference is so loud! ;)

For a small mini game it's decent.
Gonna just do a brief summary of what I thought

Graphics: graphically for what this game is it's decent/good, I like the use of orange and the graphic used gives the game an Asteroids feel, I enjoyed the look of it immensely but next time maybe you could use more colors to brighten it up a bit.

Sound: I do have a few bones to pick with the SFX, it's annoying that every time I get hit that the Wilhelm scream blares out, it doesn't fir the game at all, maybe you could use a different sound like a ship crashing effect, also the looping on the games music is weird at time, sometimes it stops dead and starts the next track, maybe you should make the music one track throughout the game as the stop in music breaks the flow of game play.

AI: I also have a problem with the game enemy's when they start to speed into handfuls a time from all directions, ultimately giving me not enough time to react and getting hit, coupled with that scream causing me to get hit more, pretty much just instantly ending the game, so that could be doing with some improvement.

Overall it's solid but the AI, Music/SFX could do with a bit of tweaking, It could become really addictive if your sort out those problems, and maybe add some Medal API so that getting scores feels rewarding I guess (personal opinion, not necessary), solid job but could do with some tweaking 3/5.

xympul responds:

I set out to only use one color for this game, like the monochromatic screens from computer terminals from decades ago.

The music for the game IS only one track, a song called Puzzle Dance I made in 2005, which you can download for free here on NG, on my profile. It does loop.

If you pay attention to the timer, with what happens, you will get a feel for when to be defensive and offensive.

Thank you for taking the time to play it and for writing all of your feedback, I appreciate it! 8)

Just a flash game nothing new but I do like to play so many times I don't know why.

xympul responds:

"Just a Flash game". You realize that you are on Newgrounds, right? :p

Have you thought about learning how to make your own games? There is more work that goes into them, no matter how small, than you think. I have some great resources to learn from here: josephhatcher.com/learn.htm

Thank you for playing it! :)

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2.74 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2014
3:12 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional