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Adventures of Schrodinger

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Game made in 72 hours for ludumdare 27!
This is the platformer about Schrodinger's cat!By pressing Shift you move the cat in Quantum Superposition mode so it can penetrate through walls and obstacles.)You should enjoy this game bacause everyone loves cats!)))

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I wanted to give this game 4 stars, but there are few problems that really hurt the experience.

Artistically, you did a great job in such a short span of time. The art direction is cool, and the rendering is visually pleasing. The music is awesome. All the visual and auditory themes fit. The concept is unique. All the makings of a terrific game.

It all really comes down to one thing: the time limit. It was a poor design choice. You have a platform/puzzler that requires the player to dodge spinning blades, arrows, pits, and dogs, and you allow a small amount of time to do all of this, as well as a very loose form of movement. Due to the time limit, Cat has to shoot around the screen like he's on a bed of ice, or it would be impossible to complete any of the levels in 10 seconds. Unfortunately, that mechanic goes poorly with some of the precise movements and mechanical timing required of the player. This also goes for the huge, looping jump, that spits Cat directly into the hazards he's trying to avoid. And the speed change between "boxed" and "unboxed" was jarring. It produced some bizarre physics that made landing in tight spots almost impossible (Level 12!) particularly since the blades have such an unforgiving hit detection.

An even bigger problem is the fact that the box has to recharge between uses. This is what adds the true challenge to the game: how to use the box smartly and efficiently. Allowing the player to use the box indefinitely would have been too easy. But the recharge fits poorly with such a small time limit, as I found myself having to wait for a full recharge before crossing a particularly wide area or a dangerous space. Unfortunately, that's a sure way to run out of time. Even that extra second it takes before the recharge begins is just too much time to waste on these levels. And something like level 12, which requires precise landing and timing of the blades, and enough of a constant charge to get from place to place, the time limit serves no purpose but to infuriate the player.

If you must have a time limit, make it 20 seconds. For me, much of the enjoyment in completing these levels was sucked dry by the fact that I couldn't enjoy the process. And the time limit makes it necessary for Cat to be so fast that he careens all around the screen crashing into things. He should move at more measured pace, like when he's boxed. Actually, every problem I had with the game comes down to the time limit.

I'm sure some people will disagree. They may like stampeding through every level in record time, but for me: give the player some breathing space to enjoy the levels.

I'd like to stress how impressive the overall concept is, but time limit and the control issues really make it difficult to appreciate.

remove the time limit and this is a one of a kind game!!

This game way really fun, awesome concept, and I loved the art :)

Nice graphics and flows nicely. I would recommend remapping the power key to something else or allowing use of both shift keys.

The second level was too hard for me.

Credits & Info

3.70 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2014
1:45 PM EDT