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The vampire hunters: Epis

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This is the pilot episode of a new animated series that follows a team of crazy people as they hunt vampires for the government! But the plot thickens when sinister villains like End, Sin and Dracula try to destroy them and the world! If this gets enough views then we will go full season! Based on the book by Callum Herbert

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the animation could be salvageable because it's a pilot, but the writing of the characters, really?, you made Van Helsing a bisexual-brony? what's wrong with you?.
The idea of a Van Helsing series maybe good, but you fucked up making yourself the character, what are you, fourteen years old?, you think you're bisexual?, grow up, dude.

now, a constructive criticism, learn how to write, and i don't mean how to write english, i mean, how to write characters (and if you think you already know, i have bad news for you), stop making yourself the main character, give them a personality, that's what a pilot is for, not only say that they're "alone".
Think about it, try to improve.

could have been much better and hope it will be if you make more of anything,and why is this rated M?

LordDiscord25 responds:

Well this is just a pilot so all future episodes will be of a much higher quality! It was rated M for the gore and the language but even I think that was not really needed so I will change that!