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Generation Ship

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This is Ludum Dare 30 competition jam entry. This game was created in 72 hours. LD link (http://goo.gl/oe7CDG)
20 endings and only 2 are good!
We made a game about managing different functions of the ship in order to fix it and eventually reach your final destination.

Hey, here is walkthrough!
Big update!
All-to-do mouse control (wasd+e still working) and new interface.
And the most important thing. You can now mute AI from main menu ;)
Gl hf!
Mouse left-click
w,a,s,d - walking
e - interact
1, 2, 3 - choose action

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doesn't work

Not a Bad Game if you have 5 minutes to kill

This is a concept that could have been interesting, but was ruined by poor implementation.

While the reliance on trial-and-error (which CAN be fun if done well [this isn't]) is bad enough, the only character in the game, the AI, is what really makes me dislike it. I can tell that you shooting for a GLaDOS-like comedic sociopath, but you missed the mark entirely and created a thoroughly unlikable character, with all of GLaDOS' insults, pettiness, none of the wit, and a heaping load of toxicity.

Beated it Under 10 minutes. It was really a fun game! Its must be hard on some since there are very few information. But its not a ''miracle'' just logically prioritize and you can get pretty far actually. Its a good concept.

Nice graphics, and the noise ambiance was ok. It was nicely elaborated. (The only thing I found bad was me trying to interact with crew for like 3 min) They don't look on things you already did badly.

i am writing it,when game loading.its loooooooongg.but game is okay